Sustainable living can help you and your pursestrings

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Living a sustainable lifestyle is a choice; it consists of small, everyday decisions you make that cumulatively can have a real impact on making the world cleaner, today and tomorrow. Not only that, some can even help you keep more green in your pocket.

10 tips for a more sustainable lifestyle

  1. Plant a garden: Gardening is a great way to support the environment, and it can decrease the amount you spend on produce each week.
  2. Reuse grocery bags: Shopping bags can create needless waste and often end up in our oceans. Invest in sturdy canvas bags for your shopping trips.
  3. Donate what you don’t need: Donating clothing, furniture, and toys to your local nonprofit extends the life of products. Nonprofits will distribute your items to those in need, which helps reduce waste.
  4. Stop buying water bottles: 90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled.1 Consider using a reusable water bottle and filling it with tap water or with “natural” water bought in bulk.
  5. Shop at your local farmers market: Farmers who sell at markets typically sell organic products, which reduces waste and pollution. Shopping at farmers markets is also a great way to support your local businesses.
  6. Support green businesses: Many companies have implemented green initiatives within their business plan. Discover which businesses are sustainable and purchase from these companies. Push your other favorite businesses to be more environmentally conscious.
  7. Ride your bike: When possible, ride your bike to do your errands. Not only does it reduce environmental harm, it decreases the amount you spend on gas.
  8. Perform an energy audit: Energy has a way of leaking from a home, costing you money and creating a larger carbon footprint than necessary. Contact your local utility to see if it has a program that provides free home energy audits.
  9. Be smart: Green claims have become ubiquitous. For example, cloth diapers may be the “green” alternative to disposal diapers, but it may not be the best solution for areas with scarce water resources and plenty of landfill space. Same with cars. Driving a hybrid may sound environmentally smart, but the energy costs to create a new car and the environmental impact of mining the materials for its battery may make buying a used car the better choice.
  10. Consume less, live simply: Consider ways to live more simply, consume less and enjoy life more. Remember, Seneca once observed that “The greatest wealth is a poverty of needs”.2

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