Superhero inspired financial empowerment tools for women

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Women are becoming entrepreneurs at five times the national average1 — and their businesses are powering the economy, employing nearly 9 million people and generating $1.64 trillion in sales.2 Women are even ascending to billionaire ranks at a faster pace than men3, dare say a superhuman, superhero pace.

Yet, there’s still a gap to bridge. While gains have been made, research tells us that many women are so focused on meeting monthly expenses, they lose sight of critical long-term protections, like having enough money in retirement. The resulting stress erodes their confidence and satisfaction in life. Growing your financial confidence is do-able — especially if you borrow a few legendary superpowers.

The lasso of truth

A formidable superhero weapon, the lasso forces anyone held by it to tell the absolute truth. So, grab hold and get real about what you want out of life. What are your goals? Home ownership? Early retirement? Transformation begins by deciding where to focus your energy.

Fluency in any language

Let’s face it, financial lingo can seem pretty alien. But grasping basic concepts like rate of return and asset allocation will help you gain confidence. Dive into online resources, books and courses to increase your financial literacy.

Bullet-proof financial bracelets

Protection should always be your first financial consideration. Think of it as never going anywhere without your magic bracelets.

Telescopic vision

Looking ahead to old age can be scary. Women typically reach retirement with less savings, lower Social Security benefits, and more healthcare costs than men.4 Don’t put on your blinders — start planning! Talk with a financial professional who can help you create a retirement plan that will enable you to look forward with confidence.

Instantaneous healing

Wouldn’t that be handy? In our world, disability insurance can help protect you from taking a serious financial hit if the bad guys — illness or accident — prevent you from working.

Strength to bench-press 15,000 pounds

Women often underestimate their own capabilities, and this “confidence gap” can lead to undervaluing themselves in the workplace. For example, 60% of women say they never negotiated their salary.5 Know your worth and don’t be afraid to flex your muscles.

Arguably, every superhero’s greatest asset is strong self-belief. Financial confidence can be a hidden superpower that gives you the strength to vanquish challenges, seize opportunities and become a legend in your own life.

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