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We get it. Retirement means something different to everyone and requires more planning than it did for our parents. Let’s figure out what you’ll be doing in your second-half and find a way to make it a reality.

What does your next chapter look like when every day feels like Saturday?

Let’s think about the only retirement that matters – yours.

Choose the answers that best fit you.

An overview show of a neighborhood An overview show of a neighborhood
I plan to stay in the region where I live now.

There are a lot of affordable locations for retirees that can help you to maintain your lifestyle.

A stack of clothes, shoes and a camera A stack of clothes, shoes and a camera
I plan to move somewhere new.

Community and stability are important for people during life transitions.


Are you getting a better sense of how your retirement is as unique as you are?

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Whatever your vision, income is the common element to a confident future.

of American workers have considered delaying retirement

The secret to confidenceFootnote*

  1. Living within your means
  2. Planning for income replacement in retirement
  3. Owning solutions that provide guaranteed income
  4. Working with a financial professional

How can you build income in retirement?

In our working lives, we know where our money is coming from. In later years, it’s not as simple. If you’re like most and not completely prepared, don’t fret. With the right plan in place, you can build a stream of income that can last for your full retirement.

Sources of guaranteed income

  • Social Security

    A federal program that provides benefits to the retired, as well as those who are unemployed or disabled.
  • Pensions

    An employer-paid retirement account with a set payout based on salary and years of service.
  • Bonds, CDs

    A debt security issued by a government or corporation. Generally considered to be lower risk. An insured bank deposit made for a specific period of time.
  • AnnuitiesFootnote**

    Contracts where an insurance company promises to make payments to an annuitant over a specified period of time or for life.
  • Whole life insuranceFootnote***

    Life insurance that pays a benefit on the death of the insured and also accumulates a cash value.

Sources of non-guaranteed income

  • Bank and investment accounts

    Accounts held at a financial facility for the purpose of long-term investments for capital preservation, growth, fixed income or for personal money management.
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRA)

    A type of investment or savings account that comes with tax benefits to help save for retirement.
  • Health savings accounts (HSA)

    A savings account used in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance policy that allows tax-free saving against medical expenses.
  • Employer-sponsored 401(k), 457(b), 403(b)

    Retirement accounts sponsored by employers which allow employees to save and invest with pre-tax dollars until withdrawal. 457s are specific to government employees. 403s are specific to public school employees and employees of tax-exempt organizations.


A health event, inflation, or market fluctuations can impact your retirement savings. A steady source of monthly guaranteed income can help you from running out of money.


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