Financial hacks for couples: Smart wedding registry ideas

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A wedding day is more than a grand celebration — hopefully it’s the first day of a lifetime of marriage. For previous generations, the early days of marriage brought in a flood of new gifts.

Couples today, however, often have been living together before marriage and don’t want to stock their home with things they don’t need. Also, research finds that people are happier spending money on experiential purchases versus material possessions.1 With this in mind, isn’t it time for a new, creative take on the wedding registry?

Morning pick me up

Hopefully newlyweds have chosen their partners with this idea: “She’s the first person I want to talk to in the morning and the last person I want to talk to at night.” That morning conversation will go better with a nice, hot cup of coffee for each of you, right? Add a coffee subscription to your wedding registry to start each day in caffeinated harmony. And, if you add travel mugs to the list, you’ll save a lot of money by skipping the latte line on the way to work.

Get fit

Are you and your partner on a fitness journey or trying to get started? Exercising with your partner is a great way to spend time together, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adding a membership to your favorite online fitness classes or favorite local gym will help ensure that you establish healthy habits together.

There are also subscriptions that allow you to try out several different types of fitness classes. If you and your spouse have different exercise interests, you can try out more than one!

Giving back

Have you already moved into your home with your partner and don’t want unnecessary gifts? Requesting a charitable donation on your behalf is the perfect way to give back to your favorite charity, while avoiding cluttering your home with gifts. List a few charities that you connect with and let the gift-giver chose which one they will donate to.

Explore the unknown

Where will married life take you two? Only time truly knows. To get a head start on the adventure, include a local outfitter to your registry. These shops provide instruction and equipment to tackle new experiences as varied as surfing to snow shoeing. By using a wedding gift to rent equipment first, rather than buy, you’ll discover what kind of adventures best suit you together. Then when you’re ready to purchase your own equipment, you’ll spend wisely.

Relax together, stay together

After a big adventure, nothing is more rewarding than a muscle-melting massage. Or an evening in a hot tub. Whatever your favorite treatment may be, prepare to get pampered by adding a spa gift certificate to your wedding registry. Perhaps it can even be thought of as preventive medicine, as regular self-care helps to reduce stress-related illness.

With a toast

In the name of relaxation — and the lifelong, end-of-day conversation — a glass of wine pairs nicely. Consider adding a wine subscription to your list of requested wedding gifts. Many subscriptions offer a new wine every month. Over the course of the year, you can use wine as a way to travel around the world. This will also save some money in the early days of marriage, as a cozy night indoors will likely be more inviting, and cost-savvy, than a night out!

For richer

It’s possible that a fantastic gift doesn’t have to cost anything at all. As you’re planning for married life, think about other ways people can show their love and support. How about introductions to people who can help you build a strong foundation now — like a trusted financial professional?

Early conversations with a financial professional can help you and your spouse start a life of confidence.

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