7 Ways to show your appreciation for mom this May

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For the unsung heroes who raised us, protected us, encouraged us and cleaned up after us, now is the chance to express our gratitude. One day hardly seems like enough, so let’s show our appreciation the entire month.

With plates full to the point of overflowing, moms deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation now more than ever. Below, we’ve outlined some truly special  ways to show your appreciation that are sure to put a smile on a mom’s face.

  1. Give her a shout-out from her favorite celebrity. Services like Cameo2 make it easy to purchase a customized shout-out to make mom feel extra special. Featuring celebs like Akon, Chuck Norris, Lena Headey, Chaka Khan, Brett Favre, Dick Van Dyke and many more, this is a gift that’s sure to take mom’s breath away.
  2. Send her some snuggles. For moms who need a little extra comfort, a weighted blanket or a super-soft micro-plush electric blanket is the perfect stress-reducing snuggling companion.
  3. Take some time to plan for the long-term.  Things are hectic, and sometimes even moms need help getting their ducks in a row with finances. This is a great place for you to step in and offer your help. For instance, instead of having breakfast in bed, take time to help her build a budget over coffee.
  4. Help her find her center. In addition to being the month we celebrate Mother’s Day, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This makes it a great time to encourage mom to refocus on self-care. Meditation apps like Headspace or online yoga classes like those offered through Gaia are great ways to add some “namaste” to her day.
  5. Love on her with flowers and a card. For the traditionalists out there, flowers are a social distance-friendly way to show mom your love and appreciation. Sites like Bouqs make it easy to browse available flowers near where mom lives. You could also send a unique plant through Plants.com, or even seeds to help her start an edible garden3 with a subscription to a seed-of-the-month club like Grow Journey.
  6. Create a spa day. She may not be able to go to the spa — but now you can bring the spa to her. Send her a beautifully arranged spa kit4, and — if you want to go all-out — throw in a bottle of her favorite wine and a one-month subscription to a music streaming service, so she can relax to her favorite books and music.
  7. Give the gift of learning. If mom is a true Renaissance woman with a voracious appetite for knowledge, services of a Language Learning Application will make it easy for her to explore a new language. Masterclass, too, offers classes taught by experts and celebrities5, spanning topics from photography to cooking to the art of negotiation and more, so mom can expand her horizons from the comfort of home.

Regardless of your budget, your mom is sure to love whatever gift you choose for her, especially when it’s selected with care.

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