What is your retirement manifesto?

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Today is the day you make your retirement intentional.
Yesterday’s retiree was sent out to greener pastures. Retirement was a passive life transition, a gentle farewell, and a nudge to move aside as a younger generation readied to take your place.

Today’s retirees aren’t coasting into their golden years. They’re kicking through the gate to a world of new opportunities. Today’s retirees have an intentional strategy for how they’ll spend their retirement. They’re finding new ways to live their values and new avenues for personal growth.

You too can make your transition into retirement bold, courageous, and intentional.
It all starts with a retirement manifesto. Be daring. Be brave. Be unflinching in your goals for retirement. But most importantly, write it down. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


  • I’ll take a trip to the country I’ve always wanted to see. I’ll learn enough of the language to travel around while I’m there. I’ll embrace new recipes and traditions when I get back home.
  • I’ll learn to blog and how to share content on social media sites.
  • I’ll learn a new app before my grandchildren/grandnieces/grandnephews do.
  • I’ll learn what it means to go viral.
  • I’ll walk, bike, play tennis, or golf. My handicap may not get any better, but I’ll find a way to incorporate exercise into my daily activities.
  • My endurance will grow…but not my waistline.

Did you know: Staying fit and healthy is among the top 5 life priorities of those surveyed in the Guardian Study of Financial and Emotional ConfidenceTM.1

Love and family

  • I will spend more time with my spouse/partner/loved ones.
  • I’ll learn something new about my spouse/partner/loved ones.
  • I’ll put my loved ones first…because I realize I should have done that all along.
  • I’ll thank my loved ones for their support throughout my career. I’ll reinvest everything I have into our relationships now.
  • I’ll be present in the moment. There’s no more room for distractions in my life.
  • I’ll uncover old family traditions and will teach my family members about them.
  • I’ll tell my grandchildren something about my grandparents that they never knew.
  • I’ll cherish the past, but I’ll open my heart to finding love again.
  • I’ll try to meet someone new through a shared activity or interest.

Did you know: After retirement, 44% of American workers plan to spend more time with their children or grandchildren and friends.2


  • I’ll live within my means, and I’ll have a financial checkup regularly.
  • I’ll talk to my adult children about my financial situation, and I’ll be honest about it.
  • I’ll make the time to have those difficult discussions with my family about my care, my burial, and my estate. We’ll all feel better knowing there is a plan in place.
  • I’ll talk to my grandchildren about the importance of saving. If they’re on their phones, I’ll find a creative way to break their stare.
  • I’ll wise-up to scams targeting older adults. I’ll ask questions before I take a financial risk.

Did you know: Having a stable income in retirement and saving top the list of financial priorities of American workers.3


  • I’ll continue to work. Or I won’t.
  • I’ll find a way to turn one of my passions into my work. I’ll find a cool job that I always wish I had.
  • I’ll work just to take advantage of an employee discount.
  • I’ll mentor someone younger. I’ll help them reach their goals. I’ll help them avoid the mistakes I made.
  • I’ll check in on old colleagues, but I won’t hover.

Did you know: Most Americans plan to retire in their 60s and have a specific age in mind.4

This is my retirement manifesto.


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