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The most financially confident US workers prioritize financial protection for themselves and their families.

How can greater financial confidence help you?

What is financial confidence? Learn more about how your financial confidence is linked to your overall emotional confidence.

Whole•istic Thinking

Whole life insurance is one of the key ingredients to living confidently.

Bridge the (Paycheck) Gap

Discover how disability income insurance helps protect your ability to earn an income if you’re too ill or injured to work, so you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about your finances.

What is an emergency fund?

Without even realizing it, most people are familiar with protection-first thinking. Every time you ride in a plane, for example, you hear this important safety announcement: “In the event of sudden decompression, secure your own […]


Beyond the breadwinner: Is your household protected?

Do you think of your spouse or life partner as your “better half”? If so, you know that your relationship is more than just two people meeting halfway. In a life partnership — and in […]

Tips to convert term life insurance to whole life insurance

Does a term life insurance policy that can be converted to permanent life insurance as your protection needs change make sense for you and your loved ones?

The wealth gap and how to close it

The wealth gap has been growing between the top 1% and bottom 99% of earners in the US. What is the wealth gap? What caused it? How can you start closing it?

An important piece of your whole financial perspective

Whole life insurance offers guaranteed protection for your loved ones after you're gone and key ingredients to a diversified portfolio while you're living.

How can greater financial confidence help you?

What is financial confidence? Learn more about how your financial confidence is linked to your overall emotional confidence.

Relationship tips for coping with disability income loss

The well-known marriage vow is, “‘Til death do us part,” but fatalities aren’t the only things in life that could possibly drive a relationship apart. You could suddenly find yourself caring for your spouse emotionally […]

How women can boost their financial confidence

Women contribute to the economic well-being of their family in important ways. Between 1979 and 2018, women accounted for 91 percent of the total income gain for their families.1 And the amount of work stay-at-home […]

Hindsight 2020: Being ready for the unexpected

Nobody likes an unhappy surprise, but as the pandemic has shown, anything can happen. As the adage goes, “the only constant is change.” And recent events have taught us another thing: we should expect the […]

Grief and finances: Communication to financial preparedness

Are you prepared financially for when it’s time to focus on the process of grieving without having to make major financial decisions? Consider these tips.

Creating financial wellness with what you’ve got right now

If 2020 shook your financial confidence, you’re not alone. Perhaps you or a loved one faced a career setback in the economic crisis. Maybe you or a family member got sick and ran up debt […]

The whole story of dividends

Whole life insurance helps protect your family in the event of your death and its cash value helps protect life’s priorities. With whole life insurance from a mutual company comes an added benefit — a […]

How to talk to millennials about life insurance

Here’s how to answer your adult child’s most common life insurance questions — and help guide them to planning for the future.

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