Small business: How to avoid short-termism

Small business owners might tell you: Anxiety about making the “monthly nut” often keeps them up at night. Will there be enough positive cash flow to cover recurring costs, such as payroll, suppliers, and utilities? […]

Planning your next act: a business

Have you thought about starting a small business, perhaps when you retire? “Boomerpreneurship” is a growing trend in the U.S. In fact, people aged 55 to 65 are 65 percent more likely to start their […]

Bulletproofing your business

First, a riddle: What’s hard to find, difficult to replace, and essential to your competitive edge? The answer: a top-notch, trustworthy, talented executive team. Now, a thought experiment: What would you do if you woke […]

10 reasons to consider a LLC over a S corporation

Is the S Corp becoming a thing of the past because of the advantages an LLC has over it? Here are 10 factors to consider in evaluating the advantages of an LLC.

Using your retirement savings to start up a business

Are you considering using your retirement savings from a 401(k) Plan or IRA to finance the start of a small business? While the concept may sound like a good idea, there are many complicated tax […]

What do football coaches and business succession planning have in common?

Why might most football coaches be sound business succession planners? They understand that sketching out a solid game plan is important and needs to be revisited from time to time.

Business succession planning is not just tax and legal mumbo jumbo

As a small business owner, you understand that running a business is tough. You’re not only concerned with running the business today. You’re also concerned with how your business will continue on in the future, […]

Entrepreneurship is easier with a little help from your friends

The “American Dream” refers to the ability to create your own version of a successful life. For many people, that means the freedom to work for themselves.  Over 62% of millennials have considered starting their […]

Could your business last if your business associate died?

The death of your business associate is a terrible thought to contemplate, but all business co-ownerships face this risk and need to plan for it. Failure to plan can affect the ongoing viability of your […]

Why small business success should matter year-round

“Shop local” is not just a catchy slogan meant to make you and small-business owners feel good a few times a year. There is real economic value to shopping at and spending money at locally […]
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