How to build confidence

Knowing how to build confidence is key to achieving the success and happiness you want in life. Five behavioral changes you can make today to become more confident.

The big little things: How financial decision-making is like camping

On a hectic work day, it’s easy to dream of escape. You want to get away, go where no one can bother you. You imagine a tent with a cozy campfire burning, surrounded by peaceful […]

Insurance options for business succession planning strategies

Business owners with the desire to see their businesses continue after they are no longer involved need to plan quite carefully. When an owner (or owners as it may be) is planning for succession in […]

Planning your legacy

Planning. We all know we should do it. Indeed, we all do it much of the time to some degree. We plan dinners. We plan parties. We plan vacations. Legacy or estate planning is our […]

Financial confidence: The gift that keeps on giving

Gifts that help friends and family learn to manage money and plan for the future may not sound exciting — but they could prove invaluable.

What Generation Z employees really want

Bean-bag chairs, foosball tables, pizza Fridays, and work-where-you-want schedules became the business norm over the past decade as hiring managers and business owners competed to lure in the top talent. However, as the workforce transitions […]

A retiree’s introduction to volunteering

The Baby Boom generation wanted to change the world. Though their ideals may have been buried beneath the baggage of growing up—careers, mortgages and raising children, they were never discarded. Retirement for many Baby Boomers […]

Financial well-being for everyone: Affordable whole life

If you could provide permanent financial protection for your family in case of an unforeseen crisis, would you? For most people, the answer is a quick “yes.” Yet sometimes people are slow to act on […]

How to help protect against market volatility

It’s critical to reduce your investment risk through diversification, especially as you get closer to retirement age.1 Research shows that having sufficient retirement income is a top priority for Americans and that the most confident investors look […]

How to spend smart to improve cash flow

Congratulations — your business is profitable! Have you considered how much of those profits to reinvest in your business? While some entrepreneurs funnel as much as 50 percent back into their companies,1 depending on your goals […]

5 financial checklist items to finish before year end

Learn what items to check off your financial to do list before the end of the year and why it's important to do these items before a new year starts.

Financial well-being for everyone: Term life insurance

In the past few years, the word adulting has gone from social media mentions to a full-fledged definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It’s easy to see why: “attend[ing] to the ordinary tasks required of a […]
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