The Cash Stash Dash

Have you ever thought about what the cash for today’s burger might buy you tomorrow?

Tell us how many times you ate out or ordered take out last week — and be honest — to find out what else those expenses could get you in the long run.

I ordered food times last week.


Here’s what it gets you.3

For the modern workforce, the national average for eating out is six times per week!1 Full belly today, but what could you be doing tomorrow instead?!

Wow, you’re eating out less than the national average for the modern workforce, which is six times per week.2 But have you thought about what cutting back even further might allow you to do?

Wow. That’s amazing. Let’s compare that to the national average for the modern workforce, which is six times per week, and see how much you’re saving.

Eating out X times a week, you’ll end up spending $Y over the course of ten years.

That amounts to...

6 Monthly expenses estimated based on 2018 real median US household income of $62,000. Source:
8 Assumes standard contribution limits.
9 Average cost of a private university 2019-2020. Source:
10 Based on 2019 US average wedding cost of $34,000 and 150 attendees. Source:
11 Estimated monthy rate for a 35-year-old in New York State making the US annual median income of $63,000. Source:
12 Cost of 2019 Smart Fortwo EQ Coupe, less US tax credit. Source:

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